How Eco-Friendly is Your Business?

Remote work

Environmentalism and business can go hand-in-hand.

While consumers at large are making great headway in implementing environmentally-friendly habits into their lives, it’s not so easy when running a business. From administration processes to having printed communication, it can be difficult to avoid strain on resources in order to turn a profit. However, there are ways to minimise this and make your company more eco-friendly.

Go remote

While it may seem like a quintessential ‘millennial’ concept, many big-name companies are following the remote revolution and allowing their employees to work from home. Along with the fact that many studies have proven that remote working conditions actually increase productivity, you’ll also be saving a lot of time and money as a business owner. Think about it: you’ve got employees driving to and from work every day, wasting time and energy sitting in traffic. Transitioning to a remote work set-up will also cut-down on pollution. And you don’t have to go completely remote — consider an eco-friendly initiative like introducing work-from-home Wednesdays (or Fridays).

Go paperless

Humans are notorious for using paper unnecessarily. From physical invoices to office notifications, paper is one of the most overused resources around. A huge step (and a rather easy one) to take is for businesses to go paperless. There are options available too, such as Digitise, which allows you to ditch the normal procedures that soak up tons of paper for quick, digitised processes. Creating a digital CRM for your company, compiling marketing campaigns, and even building your own website can all be done without a single piece of paper and ensure your company information is kept stored and accessible at any time. You can even operate all this from your mobile device, making the ‘remote’ part of new-age businesses a whole lot easier.

Use alternate energy sources

While a little more expensive initially, switching your businesses’ energy source will decrease costs and help the environment substantially. Consider making use of alternative energy sources such as solar power, as, depending on your office’s location, you could potentially install solar panels on the roof.

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