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Everything You Need to Know About PriceCheck’s New Website

SA’s price-comparison giant gets a makeover!

Today is a big day at PriceCheck HQ – they’ve launched an eye-catching, new and refreshed website to make shopping and finding the best prices in South Africa easier than ever before! There are so many great new features, but rather than wait for you to discover them yourself, we thought we would break them all down for you in one handy list (spoiler alert)! Here’s everything you need to know about the new PriceCheck website.

Faster loading speed

The new PriceCheck website has seen a system and interface overhaul that has streamlined the load-times from page to page, allowing you to shop up a storm faster than ever before.

More categorised products

Their new website is all about giving customers more – more products, more convenience, and more places to shop. Products are now even easier to browse and find on the new website thanks to an enhanced searching function and clearer user interface.

New featured products

Love shopping for like-minded products and discovering new products to make your life easier? The all-new featured collections element groups similar products together to make shopping a breeze!

Add to cart feature

Find something you like and ready to pull the trigger? You can now add it to your cart directly on the PriceCheck website and keep browsing through other categories on the website to find even more great deals.

Add to compare feature

Want to compare a few similar products before making that final decision? Previously, clicking through different windows to compare products can add to the confusion, but now users can simply add a few products to the new “add to compare” list and you can compare features and prices all in one place.

Price alerts

If you’re still shopping around or want to find a certain product at a better price, PriceCheck has your back! Add products to your price alerts list and wait for the special offers to roll in. PriceCheck will send you an alert when that item drops in price or is on promotion – brilliant!

What are you waiting for? Visit the slick new website here and start shopping now!

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