Digital Declutter: 3 Ways to Clear Your Mind & Workspace

A professional spring-cleaning can take your productivity to new heights.

Taking a minimalist approach to your life and work situation can help with productivity and freeing yourself from distractions and unnecessary processes. This is especially noticeable in a work environment, whereby having excess paper, procedures, and general clutter can cause you more headaches than its worth. However, the art of digital decluttering is a thing, and we have a few tricks on how to achieve your professional bliss.

1. Free up your hard drive

With the way the world is moving, working on a laptop has become the norm. Many people use their personal device for both work and non-work activities, especially consultants and entrepreneurs. But as software and files collect on your drive, your device will slow down in performance. A good rule of thumb is that if the fan inside your laptop kicks on, it’s because your drive is overheating, and it might be time to move your files elsewhere. Consider uploading the majority of your files to the cloud, or using an external hard drive. Thanks to improving chip technology, even a hard drive item that holds thousands of gigabytes can sleekly fit into your laptop bag or even your pocket in some cases.

2. Get a password manager

Between hackers using keyloggers, fake WiFi access points, phishing scams, and a multitude of other sneaky tricks, information breaches have become all too common. Nothing throws your productivity out the window like getting hacked, or worse, having your identity stolen. Compromised security can affect both your business and personal life. Consider moving over to a password manager, which will encrypt all your passwords for you and help you manage having a different password for every site. You may be hesitant to forget your passwords, but once you’ve taken your first trust fall, you never go back, and you’ll be able to reinvest the freed-up mental space into your business.

3. Automate where possible and establish a process

Many processed, repetitive tasks, and complicated routines you’ll find in big and small businesses are becoming a thing of the past. Utilising the latest software innovations and cloud support is a no-brainer, as you can not only minimise time doing less important tasks, but often eliminate or automate them all together. Custom software companies like My Online Presence tailor-build platforms or applications to help you maximise the productivity of your business.

If you’re interested in stepping your business’s software game up, My Online Presence should be one of your first destinations to help you design a custom solution. Their team is knowledgeable and experienced at turning concepts into realities, so don’t let the prospect of a challenging process keep you from future-proofing your software when they can take the hassle out of it for you!

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