Xbox 720 to harness 6 times the power of the 360.

There is so much talk about the consoles to supersede the Playstation 3 and XBox 360. However we have heard that there will be an Xbox 720 or Xbox Loop or whatever concoction of a name that Microsoft comes up with will see the light of day sometime late next year. Right now though, IGN has got some inside information on what GPU the machine will carry. Reportedly to be 6 times more powerful than the 360 and only a mere 20 percent more powerful than the soon to be released Wii U.

AMD have again snagged the deal to be supplying the GPU for Microsoft. Choosing the HD 6000 series is a bit of a strange decision as of this point as the HD 7000, AMD’s Graphic Core Next has just been released on the market and is leaps ahead of the HD 6000 series.

These estimates give way for some exciting discussion and assumptions of whether that means the 720 will be a monster of a console or if Nintendo have really stepped up their game to the point where microsoft can only come up with a console that is 20 percent better as a result of two extra years in development.

Earlier reports stated that there will are two versions of the console planned for production. A mainstream, more affordable version and a more expensive, enthusiast edition. Unlike the different packages and bundles currently available with consoles, these will feature completely different processor units being able to play games at higher resolutions with better multitasking capabilities. Maybe the HD 7000 series will make an appearance in the enthusiast version. We’ll have to wait and see!!

Source: Tweaktown

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