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Special Edition Star Wars themed Kinect Xbox 360

The star wars themed Xbox 360 recieved alot of smiles from last years comic con. Microsoft has decided to give it the go ahead and to include the new Star Wars Kinect game.

Extra modes for the game were announced yesterday include new experiences with Jedi Destiny Mode including:

Space Battles, Speeder bikes and Landspeeders, New Duels, New Duels of Fate Mode, New galactic dance-off mode.

To match the console, a gold themed controller to represent C-3P0 and probably the best colour to suit the kinect..White. It’s fun to see microsoft selling different themed versions of Xbox as it encourages people to buy a second Xbox, especially because they have become so much more affordable.

Star wars fans will be rejoicing on April 3rd when its released.

Source: tweaktown

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