Griffin Helo TC assault for smartphones : Attack your work colleagues

Griffin recently shipped the latest generation of its iOS and Android-guided remote helicopter, the HELO TC. The HELO TC Assault craft functions by using by using an app on a tablet, iPod touch and a smartphone. These can be found at Google Play Store, App Store or free.

The app allows you to create a virtual joystick on your screen which will help you pilot the helicopter in the direction of your choice. The app will also save up to three flight plans for starting a new helicopter’s route at a future time.

This will assist you and your other pilot to easily repeat a favourite flight pattern. You can also issue the same commands just by tilting the device in any given direction.

The HELO TC has been given a lot of praise and name calling. It comes with a twin-rotor remote –controlled Flight Deck and helicopter. You can plug the Flight Deck into your device’s headphone jack and it will translate the commands straight into the infrared signals that beam to the helicopter.

HELO TC’s intuitive controls are very simple to learn and the twin-rotor is designed for a stable – controlled flight.

Some of the HELO TC apps are new, such as Auto Land that allows you to bring HELO TC down for a safe landing by just apping the Multi-Touch display. This feature is not available with other RC helicopters.

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