Tenacious D Explain “Rock Is Dead”

The ‘D talk rock ‘n roll

Jack Black¬†and Kyle Gass, collectively known as Tenacious D, have opened up about the song “Rock Is Dead” of their latest effort Rize Of The Fenix.

Regarding the title of the track, Black commented:¬†“That title was just so strong, very ballsy. It felt like an erect penis of a title. We just thought, ‘Is it really dead?’ Well, no, but it’s very, very ill.”

Gass then added: “It has pneumonia.” Talking about the humour on the record, Black went on to say that the band don’t write jokes, but rather the laughs come organically: “The comedy is just something that comes natural to us. It’s who we are. We don’t write jokes. We just take subject matter we are genuinely interested in – or genuinely angry about – and just riff. It comes out funny after we send it through the Tenacious D computer.”

Rize of the Fenix is set for release today (14th of May)! You can listen to the full album in the player above!

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