Senses Fail Release “Best Of” Album

Post-hardcore heroes Senses Fail have announced that they will be releasing a double CD retrospective “best of” album titled Follow Your Bliss: The Best Of Senses Fail. The album is set for release in the 19th of June 2012 via Staple Records and will include a bonus CD with four new songs.

“The Best Of is really a celebration of ten years of work,” says singer Buddy Nielsen. “We wanted to take all of the songs that really mean something to our fans and put them in one collection. There are still younger kids finding out about the band and this can be a jumping off point for new listeners. It can also be a way for longtime fans to come back and grab the songs that they have loved in the past.”

“I really love these four new songs,” added Buddy. “They came together well and I am excited for people to hear what the new members of Senses Fail have to offer. Making new music is the best part about being a musician and the passion we have for being creative has never burned brighter.”


Wolves At The Door
Can’t Be Saved
Lungs Like Gallows
Buried A Lie
Shark Attack
Lady In A Blue Dress
The Fire
Rum Is For Drinking
Calling All Cars
Bite To Break Skin
Priest And The Matador
Bloddy Romance
Family Tradition
Cute When You Scream
New Years Eve

War Paint
Early Graves

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