New Owl City Song Ft. Mark Hoppus

Owl City trades keyboards for a guitars…

Owl City, famous for all the bleeps and bloops which made you love fireflies, has released a new song with Blink 182 co-frontman Mark Hoppus.

The track titled “Dementia,” is taken from Owl City’s upcoming LP due June/July 2012. Musically the record is set to have a “more rock driven sound” – This song is no exception, and definitely marks a move away from the keyboards and computer, to guitars and drums.

Sound wise, it’s interesting. Adam Young (the brains and voice behind owl city), has similar style of pronunciation to Blink 182’s other singer/guitarist Tom Delong and given Blink 182’s recent move to a more experimental sound, you would be forgiven if you thought this track was a B-side of Blink 182’s latest release Neighbourhoods.

Make up your own mind by listening to it above!


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