Frank Carter’s Post-Gallows Project Releases Song

Has Frank Carter hung-up his hardcore boots?

Frank Carter, a man known for being the shouts and screams behind the influential modern day hardcore punk band Gallows, has released a song via his new project, Pure Love.

The song titled “Bury My Bones” features a classic rock sound and some singing vocals from Carter (yes he can sing). The great thing is, even though Pure Love is a rock group not a punk group, it seems that Carter is still able to convey a sense of desperation and anger in his vocals which punk music is able to do so well – I’m excited to see what their full album sounds like.

The band’s debut album is being recorded and will be produced by Pixies producer Gil Norton.

Check out their debut track above!

If you’re interested in seeing how Carter used to act in his old band Gallows, click here (highly recommended, if just for contrast)

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