Emo Hair-cuts Make You Blind.

Paying the price for fashion…

An Australian doctor has recently come out damning emo hair-cuts, saying that having a fringe constantly over one eye can cause lazy eye syndrome.

Speaking to The Mercury Andrew Hogan, education director of the Optometrists Association of Tasmania, said:

“If a young emo chap has a fringe covering one eye all the time, that eye won’t see a lot of detail. And if it happens from a young age, that eye can become amblyotic.”

Amblyotic is the medical term for lazy eye syndrome. It is thought that the most vulnerable age for the development of vision is from birth to seven years, but new research has suggested that vision can still be affected after this age.
However, Hogan’s claims have been tackled and refuted by American doctors. Dr Leonard Press of New Jersey stating to MSNBC:

“The story would only be true if you had somebody young enough, and if that person never looked out of that eye – if it was blocked 24/7. The reason it’s false is that you don’t have that constant deprivation.”

Whatever truth lies in the contentious issue, you should probably cut your fringe….. just in-case.

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