Cape Town Gets Rock Radio

Cape Town gets rock radio

In the musical void between 5fm and GoodHope FM exists an unhappy niche. Lovers rock ‘n roll, until recently, have always neglect their radio, as it always felt like the radio neglected them first – seeing it more as a “7-o’clock news device” than a playlist. In a new democracy with a government of national unity, it’s borderline unconstitutional to exclude rock lovers from the joys of radio.

Enter Afrikaans Alternative FM, a brand new radio station serving the greater Cape Town area.

Rollingstone magazine caught up with founder Hein Du Plooy, according to him the target market for the station are “open minded individuals who feel their listening needs are not met on other stations.’

He continued regarding the musical direction of the station” “We play 60% English solid rock music and 40% Afrikaans Alternative music. We average 80% South African music so we believe we can play an important role in promoting local music.”

Tune in to Afrikaanse Alternative FM on 91.3 FM.

For the full interview click here.

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