Biffy Clyro To “Reconnect With Lost Fans” On Upcoming Release

Scottish 3-pice rock outfit, Biffy Clyro are hoping to reconnct with their older fans with their upcoming double release double LP, titled ‘The Land At The End Of Our Toes’ and ‘The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones.’ The band reckons that this double EP will appeal to those fans who loved their debut album, Blackened Sky.
Drummer Ben Johnston opened up about Biffy’s writing process: “We never think of any target audience when making albums. We’ve always tried to please ourselves and then hope for the best. When you’re younger you want bands to be just your band. When these bands get more well-known and bigger it’s common to just fade away from them.” He also added “It’s sad…because we don’t want to lose any fans. Hopefully we can get those lost fans back with this album.”

The band plans to debut some of their new tracks on the upcoming European festival circuit!

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