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5 Amazing Reasons To Watch Neil Diamond’s New ‘Something Blue’ Music Video

What is Neil Diamond playing at?

While channel-hopping, I stumbled upon what can only be described as possibly one of the worst music videos I have ever seen. The taste-level of this music video is teetering across the fine line that separates the utterly dreadful and the incredibly awesome.

Mr. Neil Diamond, who wrote Sweet Caroline – a smash hit of my parent’s generation – has released his new single: Something Blue.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch the Something Blue music video:

1. There is far too much awkward eye contact

I’m a fan of awkward situations but Neil’s eye contact takes awkward to another level. One Youtube commenter compared Neil Diamond’s dashing looks to the aged Sean Connery.

Another commenter replied “I think he’s better looking”. Oh Neil, you cheeky Devil!

Niel Diamond Something Blue 1

2. Aimless wandering

Like the great smouldering crooner he is, Diamond marches around with his acoustic guitar… triumphantly… to nowhere.

Niel Diamond Something Blue 2

3. Air humping

Something Blue has a catchy hokey-pokeyness about it and Mr. Diamond can’t help but shake it all about.

He doesn’t go all Nicki Minaj in this one – thank goodness – but he definitely has a care free… ummm… what can only be described as… ummm…“bop.”    Wait until 2:58, ol’ Neil combines all of the above to make what can only be described as “Smouldering Air Humping with a bad case of the Filthies”

Niel Diamond Something Blue 3

4. Our fearless Wanderer is at it again

Neil just can’t stop. He has a yearning that only a good wandering around can fix.

Niel Diamond Something Blue 4

5. Puppies

Neil has given himself one last effort to hit us in the feels by introducing puppies. Not just any puppies but puppies from the Colorado Animal Rescue. He knows the road straight to our hearts.

Niel Diamond Something Blue 5

6. The Ending

OK, I said 5 reasons to watch Something Blue, but *spoiler alert* the ending is pretty much the best. All can say is: glitter, Neil Diamond and puppies. I’m not going to lie, this final cut scene left me scratching my head.

Niel Diamond Something Blue 6

Here’s the video… prepare to be bewildered.

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