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Watch the Trailers for Justice League, Kong: Skull Island, Doctor Strange & More

Justice League movie

Here’s the big Comic Con trailers you may have missed!

San Diego Comic Con took place this past weekend, and you know what that means — trailers! And lots of them. Most specifically, superhero movie trailers.

We finally got a good look at DC’s Wonder Woman, some more of Suicide Squad, and the Justice League movie, while Marvel treated fans to a second (and way better) trailer for Doctor Strange. Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island also got a spine-chilling trailer.

Check out the best trailer below:

Wonder Woman – Comic-Con trailer

Warner Bros. and DC finally showcased a full trailer for Gal Galdot’s Wonder Woman film, which will take place in the 1920s, almost 100 years before her appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Chris Pine also stars, and it’s looking to be another great chapter in DC’s quickly-expanding cinematic universe.

Justice League – Comic-Con trailer

Following the events of Batman v Superman, Bruce Wayne searches the globe for other superhumans to form the Justice League. Arguably one the most anticipated films in 2017, Justice League has a lot of star power, eye-candy, and fandom to make it something truly special. The first trailer doesn’t show too much action, but gives us an idea of how things are going to come together in Justice League: Part 1.

Kong: Skull Island – Comic-con trailer

Hollywood’s beloved giant ape, King Kong, is set for a reboot in 2017, and we’ve got a first glimpse at the highly-anticipated film with the first trailer. Starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, and John Goodman, Kong: Skull Island takes a darker, more monstrous look at the iconic beast, and ups the scale of the big ape in order for him to go toe-to-toe with Godzilla in 2020’s Godzilla v King Kong.

Doctor Strange – Comic Con Trailer

The first Doctor Strange trailer didn’t give us too much to judge on, but the new trailer gives us a detailed look at Benedict Cumberbatch’s entry into the Marvel universe. Probably the most visually inventive and trippiest trailer of SDCC, here we see the Sorcerer Supreme learning the ways of magic, and lots of ‘Inception’-like folding cities.

LEGO Batman – Comic-con trailer

Batman was one of the fan-favourite characters of the LEGO movie, and the blocky Dark Knight’s own film is hitting cinemas in 2017. Will Arnett returns to voice Batman, with Zach Galifianakis playing The Joker.

Suicide Squad – Comic-Con Remix Trailer

On the more villainous side of things, we have another trailer for Suicide Squad, which features a few new shots of footage.

What did you think of the Comic Con trailers? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @MenStuffZA!

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