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WATCH: Justice League: Snyder Cut Teaser Trailer

Zack Snyder and DC have released the first full teaser for the upcoming Snyder Cut edition of Justice League.

Unveiled during DC’s online Fandome event, the teaser reveals a lot of new never-before-seen footage and a darker tone of the 2017’s release.

Snyder also confirmed that his version will hit streaming service HBO Max in 2021 in 4 parts, each with an hour-long runtime.

The impending release of the fan-demanded Snyder Cut follows an internet campaign which requested that original director Zack Snyder’s edit of the film, rather than Ross Whedon’s, which made it into theatres.

Snyder had to step away towards the end of filming Justice League due to a family tragedy. The Avengers director Whedon then stepped in to finish the project, which many fans say steered the movie in a more light-hearted direction and didn’t align visually with initial teasers and the tonal vision Snyder had for the film.

You can check out our review of Justice League, as well as some thoughts on where a possible Justice League sequel could go. Maybe the release of the Snyder Cut will motivate WB to kick the Justice League 2 plans into action?

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