Trailer For Antonio Banderas’ New Robot Sci-Fi Movie ‘Automata’ Released


Starring Antonio Banderas, Automata could be one of the most exciting indie sci-fi films on the horizon.

Spanish filmmaker Gabe Ibanez has dropped the first trailer for his upcoming sci-fi movie Automata, which stars Antonio Banderas, and it looks pretty awesome.

Banderas stars as an insurance agent living in the year 2044, where robots are now a common sight. To keep these metallic slaves under our control, there’s a law that expressly forbids them from modifying themselves – but nothing, it seems, can stop the rise of artificial intelligence.

The robots themselves seem to have a gritty, rigid feel to them, reminiscent of Neil Blomkamp’s robotic characters in District 9 and Elysium.

Check out the trailer below:

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