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Top 7 Movies to Watch in July 2018

Movies of July 2018

Which movies should be on your radar this month?

This month sees the return of some pint-sized superheroes, The Rock trying to survive some bullets and explosions, and Tom Cruise running from something dangerous – oh yes, the big blockbusters are back! Here’s our picks for the movies releasing in June 2018:

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Release date: 6 July 2018

After a successful debut movie, the stakes have increased as Scott Lang (Ant-Man) is under house arrest (this movie occurs after Captain America: Civil War but before Avengers: Infinity War in the timeline). But that won’t stop the size-shifting hero, as he’s presented with a new mission by Hank Pym, teaming up with Pym’s daughter, Hope, to stop a new villain named ‘Ghost’. Bite-size and mega shenanigans ensue as Ant-Man shrinks and expands his way through a mass of death-defying action and probably more than a few one-liners!

American Animals

Release date: 6 July 2018

What’s better than a well-crafted and suspenseful heist movie? A well-crafted and suspenseful heist movie based on true events. American Animals follows a group of four young university students who need something to inject a bit of purpose and significance in their lives; and find exactly that by planning to steal the most valuable book in the United States. The four amateurs devise what they think is a foolproof scheme – but as with all these movies – complexities within and outside of the group put some speed bumps in their way. 


Release date: 13 July 2018

The Rock has identified his niche in Hollywood and has been mining the action/adventure genre successfully for well over a decade – and Skyscraper is the next entry into that long list of films. His character is an ex-FBI hostage-rescue team leader and US military veteran who assesses building security, and finds himself in the tallest and safest building in the world, but, of course, things go wrong. Before you can say “the people’s champ”, he’s stuck inside it, the building aflame and he’s being framed for the crime. The clock is ticking and he needs to clear his name and get his family out of the building. Expect a lot of action and adrenalin-pumping moments here.


Release date: 13 July 2018

Halle Berry and Daniel Craig star in this film set against a backdrop of rising racial tensions after the verdict in the Rodney King trial in 1992. Millie (Berry) is a tough and protective single foster mother of eight who must ally herself with Obie (Craig), her neighbour and local loose cannon, when racial tensions start to mount. As the civil unrest in Los Angeles grows following the acquittal of four of the officers accused of beating Rodney King, Millie and Obie must navigate the chaos that surrounds them in order to ensure her children’s safety.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Release date: 27 July 2018

Another action veteran, this time Tom Cruise, is bringing his latest entry into the long-established Mission Impossible series to screens this month. Cruise isn’t getting any younger, but his ability to pull off a good spy-action flick hasn’t deteriorated since the first time he played Ethan Hunt way back in 1996. Usually Hunt’s missions end with success and a dollop of champagne – but not this time around. After a mission goes sour, both the CIA and a collection of assassins begin to pursue Ethan and his team, and they’re in a race against time to fix their botched mission. Expect the standard environmental set piece to blow your socks off – as well as some of the best fight and chase scenes this side of a James Bond movie.

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

Release date: 27 July 2018

Having a slew of comic-book related movies where the world is always at risk is all well and good, but sometimes it’s good to get a reminder that comic-books were originally intended to be witty and fun. If you need one of those reminders, the Teen Titans’ (DC’s young league of heroes Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire) own animated feature arrives on the big screen this month. The film’s plot follows the Titans as they try and get their own Hollywood movies made, with a lot of comedic lampooning of the superhero genre as a whole. Swapping the world-ending villain for some punchlines should please fans looking for some light-hearted fun.



Release date: 27 July 2018

In the latest movie-that-reminds-you-never-to-leave-your-home-again genre, Adrift stars Divergent‘s Shailene Woodley and The Hunger Games‘ Sam Claflin as a couple who attempt to sail across the ocean, and are inadvertently capsized and stranded in the middle of nowhere. Based on (the book) by Tami Oldham, the story follows the courageous efforts of Tami (Woodley) and her spirit to keep herself and her injured boyfriend alive.


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