The Predator: First Image for Predator Sequel Revealed

Predator 4 looks like it’s moving forward, as a teaser image from the new film is posted…

Fans of bro-quotes and violent alien kills will be ecstatic to know that a new Predator film is in the works, and we now have the first official image to accompany the movie.

The next movie, simply titled The Predator, is said to be a continuation and not a reboot or remake. The film may pick up after the events of 2010’s Predators.

The film is being directed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3), with Fred Dekker (Robocop 3, Star Trek Enterprise) writing the screenplay.

The image (which you can see below) debuted at the Predator Facebook page, with the accompanying text “here we go again, bro”. That was one of Bill Duke’s lines from the first Predator film.

By the image, it’s clear that the Predator’s appearance (at least his iconic helmet) won’t change drastically for the fourth film.



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