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The Great Wall: First Trailer Shows Matt Damon Fighting Monsters

America sure has spent a lot of money trying to save Matt Damon over the years. From Interstellar to The Martian, Matt Damon seems to constantly be in need of help.

Thankfully his new film, The Great Wall, is a more self-reliant role, which sees Damon head East to help defend the titular Great Wall of China from… something.

This one is from director Zhang Ymou, who helmed the incredibyly underrated Jet Li film, Hero, and House Of Flying Daggers.

The Great Wall will be Yimou’s first English-language film, and is said to be the biggest Chinese-American film collaboration ever. The self-described 3D science fantasy adventure-monster period action film obviously has a lot going for it. Past its visionary director and cross-cultural pedigree, it also boasts an all-star cast supporting Damon, including Willem Dafoe, Pablo Pascal, Andy Lau, Lu Han, Eddie Peng, and Jing Tian.

Check out the trailer above.

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