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Skyfall’s new Bond girl revealed

Bond’s latest outing has a new femme fatale.

If blondes are your thing, the news of a new brunette bond girl might not sit well.

Cinemablend reported today that Greek actress Tonia Sotiropoulou has been confirmed as Bond’s third girl in the franchise’s 23rd film, slated for release later this year. Originally up for the role of Severine, Sotiropoulou lost the role to Berenice Marlohe, however producers liked her so much they bought her back for a smaller role.

Sotiropoulou will be an addition to the already international pair of Skyfall’s girls. Marlohe hails from France while rising star Naomie Harris is from Britain.

The Greek actress took to Facebook to (not so eloquently) spill the news, “Dear friends I officially announce I got a part in J. Bond new film!!! Turkey here I come! Thank u all for you love and support! This is officially the happiest day of my life bitches!!!!”

She later told a Greek newspaper: “This is the happiest day of my life so far! I feel very lucky and blessed, but basically, I am very grateful that this happened, for my family and my friends who believe in me. I will do the best, I am very proud because somehow it might be something that will advertise in Greece and I am happy about it.”

Sotiropoulou has appeared in several Greek TV series and has a role in upcoming horror film Berberian Sound Studio alongside Toby Jones.

Source: Cinemablend

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