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Penguins Of Madagascar Movie Trailer

Check out the big-screen spin-off of everyone’s favourite Arctic hooligans, the Penguins of Madagascar.

Let’s be honest, the best thing about the Madagascar franchise is those adorable yet pesky penguins, and they now have their own movie. Awww yeah.

The film revolves around a villainous octopus named Dave (John Malkovich) who hatches a plan to eliminate the penguins. Skipper (Tom McGrath), Kowalski (Chris Miller), Rico (John DiMaggio) and Private (Christopher Knights) must team with a clandestine animal organization known as North Wind to thwart the diabolical plan.

The trailer for the film has been released, and it’s full of well-timed jokes, slapstick comedy, and some outright hilarious moments.

Check it out below:

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