Michael Bay hits back at Transformers 4 critics

Director Michael Bays comes out fighting in the face of widespread critical disdain for Transformers: Age Of Extinction

While Transformers: Age of Extinction is bringing in truck loads of money and pleasing the hardcore fans of the franchise, critics haven’t been as kind to the latest robot-explosion-athon, but director Michael Bay doesn’t really care.

The movie is well on its way to a probable $1bn gross at the worldwide box office, and Bay, speaking at the Berlin press conference isn’t phased by the critical backlash of the movie, as he feels he did the fans and series justice with the fourth outing.

“I work as hard as I can and I’m glad that people are liking the movie besides the critics, let’s just forget the critics,” said Bay. He added that “the people in the audience are liking the movies – that’s what I make movies for”.

Furthermore, Bay argued that “I think that they should make it mandatory for reviewers that they sit in the audiences – just be themselves surrounded by a real audience”. Bay said that he’s seen the film around 25 times with such a crowd, and “they applaud, they laugh, they cheer. I don’t know what movie [critics are] reviewing”.

What did you think of Transformers: Age of Extinction?

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