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Dino-Riders Movie In The Works

Dino Riders

Harness the power of the dinosaurs… on the big-screen!

Here at MenStuff, we make no illusions to the fact that dinosaurs are the best things in history. Ever. We’ve already listed our top 5 dinosaur movies ever made, and while it’s a long-shot to claim, we’re pretty sure the Dino-Riders movie is going to be added to the list.

That’s right, the beloved animated dino-packed TV series from the 80s is set to get fully-fledged live-action movie. Toy-maker, Mattel, who now own Tyco and all of its intellectual properties, has decided that they want in on the nostalgic action that has turned the likes of Transformers into the massive film franchise it has become.

For those of you who may have missed out on an awesome childhood, the story of Dino-Riders revolves around an intergalactic war between two races, the human-like Valorians and the more reptilian Rulons. The Valorians magical macguffin transports all of them back in time where they crash on prehistoric Earth. The two races then enlist dinosaurs to help them in their battle, leading to things like a laser-firing t-rex or a triceratops covered in armour and cannons.

According to film news site, Tracking-Board.com, Mattel has enlisted production company Solispsist Films, along with Alissa Phillips and Stephen L’Heureux to help produce the film. There is currently no writers attached, but Mattel will undoubtedly be marketing the project to Hollywood studios once a few things fall into place.

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