Die Antwoord Respond To Rumours Of “Bad Behaviour” On Chappie Set

Ninja Chappie

Frontman of SA rap duo addresses the rumours around his on-set drama.

Building up to the release of Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi blockbuster, Chappie, rumours swirled of one of the film’s stars and SA hip-hop artist, Ninja, who was said to have overindulged in some less-than-satisfactory behaviour during filming.

Flirting, fights and rudeness towards people on set, including the South African director Blomkamp, were only some of the issues raised by media reports. The end result was an unflattering picture that was painted of the rapper, who has take to pop-culture site Boing Boing to clear up any misconceptions.

“So just to be super clear, all the rumours about my ‘terrible behaviour’ on set was written by one South African journalist, who has written many tabloid-style diss features on Die Antwoord (over the last 3 years) before his big Chappie feature,” said Ninja. “I have no idea who this dude is, but he seems to have a ‘lil problem with us.

“…but anyway, nah, me and Neill (and his wife Terri) are all homies, we speak all the time, Neill and Terri love me and Yolandi and we love them back.”

As for the issues Ninja was said to have caused with Stephanie Blomkamp (Neill Blomkamp’s sister who handled photography on the set) and actor Dev Patel, the rapper insisted that it’s all nonsense and they got along with no hiccups.

That said, Ninja did admit to a run-in with one of the actors, Brandon Auret (who plays Hippo in the film), but Ninja says that it was all on Auret.

“I did bump heads a little with Brandon Auret who was juiced up on a copious amount of steroids during filming (to help him stay buff) and so he was on edge the whole time.”

“During one take Brandon was so pumped up that he punched the window of the van that Yolandi was sitting right next to, and the window smashed (real glass, not fake glass) and glass went in Yolandi’s eye, but she didn’t complain, and just went to the medic and got it washed out quietly.”

And Ninja had some final words for the haters, inspired by the great James Franco (see: The Interview):

“M*********** are peanut butter and jelly. They hate us, ’cause they anus.”

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