Deadpool Reveals The Movie’s Rating In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

Deadpool costume header

What’s in store for Deadpool fans when the movie releases in February 2016?

The highly-anticipated Deadpool movie, which we’re incredibly excited about, by the way, has got the internet community backing it 110 percent, and after questioning its star Ryan Reynolds tirelessly on Twitter about the age-restricted rating of the movie, he has finally produced an answer.

You see, anything less than an ‘R’ rating would mean that Deadpool wouldn’t be able to flex his gore-inducing muscles and foul-mouthed antics, and that just wouldn’t be a Deadpool movie; however, rumours of the movie studio pushing for a PG-13 rating (to “broaden its appeal”) were also abound.

So, what exactly is the movie’s rating. Check out the video below to find out:

There we go. And Reynolds took to Twitter again just to clarify:

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