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Deadpool 2 Review

Does Deadpool stick his second superhero landing?

There’s no doubt that a Deadpool sequel would have to up the ante on the crude jokes, cringe-worthy gore, and acrobatic action, and it’s safe to say that Deadpool 2 delivers all of that and more – including a more personal story that examines the rare internal struggles of the over-the-top character.

Of course, this is a fun, superhero movie after all, so it’s got the big set-pieces, nod-worthy fan moments, fourth-wall breaking jokes, and Marvel character cameos; but at the heart of it, is an introspective look at who Deadpool is, his curse of invulnerability, and how to find purpose when the world around you is crumbling – and that gives the film an endearing quality that elevates it above its predecessor.

It’s hard to discuss any story details, but the premise takes a great change of pace from the revenge-fueled romp of the first film (which was a lot of fun), and tasks Deadpool, through inconvenient circumstances, to help save a young mutant from some sketchy folks. The addition of Josh Brolin as Cable creates a great counter-balance to Reynold’s joke-a-second portrayal of the Merc with a Mouth, showing that while the character Deadpool is always a scene-stealer, having a stoic companion to play off of makes his attributes all that much better.

As a sequel, Deadpool 2 succeeds at improving upon the first film in numerous ways, but more importantly, it evolves the character of Wade Wilson and that there’s more to him than butt-jokes and swear-words, which are awesome in their own right too.

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