Avatar Sequels Will Leave Your “Mouth Wide Open” Says James Cameron

What should you expect from the upcoming Avatar sequels? A lot, apparently.

Wondering what to expect in the forthcoming Avatar sequels? Well, director James Cameron says his planned trilogy of follow-ups will have a very particular effect on the viewer.

“They’re gonna be bitchin’. You will s**t yourself with your mouth wide open,” the Oscar-winning filmmaker told Empire.

Cameron also said that he has decided against shooting the film in the 60 frames-per-second frame rate, opting to shoot it at 48 fps instead. “I’ll be plugging into a system that’s a little more mature, so it makes sense for me to do 48 frames at this point”, he said.

He also revealed the curious process of working with four screenwriters Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Josh Friedman and Shane Salerno on writing Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4. 

“I think we met for seven months and we whiteboarded out every scene in every film together,” Cameron said, “and I didn’t assign each writer which film they were going to work on until the last day. I knew if I assigned them their scripts ahead of time, they’d tune out every time we were talking about the other movie.”

The first of the sequels, Avatar 2, is set to arrive in cinemas in December 2016.

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