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Angry Birds movie still years away

No big-screen pig massacres happening too soon.

Looks as if the Angry Birds movie has been postponed. But in happier news, there’s an “Angry Birds” animated series launching in the very near future.

Deadline has the scoop that 52 animated “Angry Birds” episodes “will be flocking to all possible devices ahead of next fall.” The episodes will be roughly two and a half to three minutes in length. Further, while a movie adaptation is still in the works, Rovio animation chief Nick Dorra revealed that it won’t be ready for the “2013 or 2014” season, making 2015 the earliest we’ll see pig-smashing action on the big screen.

As for what the animated series / movies will be about? Dorra said he believes the “Angry Birds” animated property will be “telling more engaging stories…and deeper thoughts, deeper feelings of the characters, such as, why are they always angry?” Sounds a bit too overly-ambitious, but as long as the black bomber bird gets to explode in a few pigs’ faces during the 52-episode run, fans should be happy.

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