8 Most Anticipated Movies of January 2017

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What are the biggest movies you should look forward to in January 2017?

2017 is here and the big-screen is lining up to be a massive attraction from the get-go. This month is already delivering on the film front, as there are plenty blockbusters and exciting movies coming your way. Here are our picks for the most-anticipated movies of January 2017:

A Monster Calls

Release date: Friday, 13 January 2017

A visually spectacular drama from acclaimed director Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible), based on the award-winning children’s fantasy novel. The film follows 12-year-old Conor (Lewis MacDougall), who attempts to deal with his mother’s (Felicity Jones) illness and the bullying of his classmates by escaping into a fantastical world of monsters and fairy tales that explore courage, loss, and faith. Liam Neeson also lends his voice to this film, which looks to be an emotional and visually-stunning romp through the imagination.

Patriots Day

Release date: Friday, 13 January 2017

Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon, John Goodman, J. K. Simmons, and Michelle Monaghan star in this true-life thriller, chronicling the events of the 2013 Boston bombings. The film follows Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Wahlberg) joins courageous survivors, first responders and investigators in a race against the clock to hunt down the bombers. Weaving together the stories of Special Agent Richard Deslauries, Police Commissioner Ed Davis, Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese, and nurse Carol Saunders, this visceral and unflinching film captures the suspense of one of the most sophisticated manhunts in law enforcement history, and celebrates the strength of the people of Boston.

Monster Trucks

Release date: Friday, 13 January 2017

X-Men: First Class’ Lucas Till stars in this light-hearted yet somewhat different comedy about Tripp, a high school senior who starts restoring an old pickup truck when he discovers a strange, subterranean creature with a taste and a talent for speed. Tripp finds that he may not actually need that V-8 he had lined up — his monster friend, Creech (short for “creature”) will power the truck!


Release date: Friday, 20 January 2017

Bard Pitt returns to the big-screen this month in Allied, which tells the story of intelligence officer Max Vatan (Pitt), who in 1942 North Africa encounters French Resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Reunited in London, their relationship is threatened by the extreme pressures of the war.


Release date: Friday, 20 January 2017

James McAvoy stars in this introspective character piece about Kevin, a man with at least 23 different personalities, who is compelled to abduct three teenage girls. As they are held captive, a final personality, “The Beast”, begins to materialise.


Release date: Friday, 20 January 2017

Adapted from the non-fiction book “A Long Way Home” by Saroo Brierley, Lion is about a five-year-old Indian boy who, after a wrong train takes him thousands of miles away from home and family, survives many challenges before being adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty-five years later, armed with only the scantest of clues, he learns of a new technology called Google Earth, and sets out to find his lost family.

Collateral Beauty

Release date: Friday, 27 January 2017

Will Smith, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, Michael Peña, Naomie Harris, Jacob Latimore, Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren all star in Collateral Beauty, which tells the story of a New York advertising executive (Smith) who suffers a great tragedy and retreats from life. While his concerned friends try desperately to reconnect with him, he seeks answers from the universe by writing letters to Love, Time and Death. But it”s not until his notes bring unexpected personal responses that he begins to understand how these constants interlock in a life fully lived, and how even the deepest loss can reveal moments of meaning and beauty.

La La Land

Release date: Friday, 27 January 2017

In this modern take on the Hollywood musical from Damien Chazelle, the Academy Award-nominated writer and director of Whiplash, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) are drawn together by their common desire to do what they love. But as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.

Which movie are you most looking forward to seeing this month? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @MenStuffZA!

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