5 Reasons To Watch Sex Tape

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MenStuff got to check out Sex Tape ahead of its release this Friday, and there are some key reasons to catch one of this year’s best comedies.

Sex Tape releases this Friday in South African cinemas, and if you’re on the fence about watching the Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz comedy, here’s five reasons to head to the movies this weekend.

1. It’s a snafu of a ride

If you love movies where things go from bad to worse, you’ll love this one. What makes it so different though is how endearing both Segal and Cameron are, behaving like two do-your-best parents who are way in over their heads.


2. The dog scene

Without spoiling anything, there’s a great man vs animal scene that Segal nails in hilarious fashion.

Dog attack on Make A Gif

3. Cameron Diaz being Cameron Diaz

Somehow, Ms. Diaz continues to get sexier and sexier, and the 41-year-old is still able to steal any scene when she turns her undeniable “Diazness” on.


4. Relevancy

This kind of movie couln’t have been made years ago. It’s truely a new comedy for our generation – the iPad-using, internet savvy audience that “gets it” and relates to it. So it stands out in that regard. As Segal’s character Jay says: “Nobody understands the cloud!”

Nobody understand the cloud on Make A Gif

5. Supporting cast

Hilarious supporting cast and cameos that will surprise you throughout the film. Rob Corddry┬áis funny as usual and there’s a great awkward but lovable chemistry between all the stars.

full lincon on Make A Gif


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