5 Hottest Movies of April 2019

Avengers Endgame

Here’s what you should earmark on the big-screen this month!

There’s a little bit of everything to look out for in April – but really it’s a mini-Christmas for comic-book movie fans with three big releases all hitting theatres in the space of only 21 days!


Release date: 5 April 2019

Who didn’t wish they were a superhero when they were a kid? Well, that wish-fulfilment story is coming true in Shazam. Billy Batson is an orphan that gets placed in a new foster home, and after escaping a run-in with some bullies, he finds himself talking to a deity looking to pass his powers onto someone – and Billy is chosen. Of course, being a teenager who suddenly has the power of a thunder God isn’t likely to go smoothly, so as he squares up against a formidable enemy, he still needs to try and figure out what responsibility comes with his newfound powers. 


Release date: 5 April 2019

Crime thriller fans should pen this date in their diaries, because with a combination of an impressive cast and established writing talent, it’s likely going to be a fantastic and suspenseful ride. It’s adapted from a novel written by the creators of the series True Detective about a hitman (Ben Foster) whose boss snares him in a double-cross plan. In his attempt to escape other would-be assassins, he comes across a captive young woman named Rocky (Elle Fanning) that he reluctantly allows to join him on his escape. He’s dead-set on finding refuge in a town called Galveston, but dark elements from both their pasts are determined to catch up to him.


Release date: 12 April 2019

Old-school graphic novel fans will probably be quite familiar with the Hellboy stories, but avid film-watchers are also likely to remember two movies by Guillermo Del Toro about the demon creature with the stone fist. Hellboy is back, and joined once again by his team of eccentric occult investigators. As usual, whenever any paranormal or unseemly activity is afoot, it’s up to Hellboy and his allies to send it back to where it came from; but this time around, there’s a sorceress that might be a little too hot to handle. Prepare yourself for a healthy dose of humour along with the expected demon-killing and epic special effects extravaganza.

Pet Sematary

Releasese date: 19 April 2019

We’ve recently seen remakes of both Carrie and It, so it’s clear that modernising Stephen King’s most popular classics is a trend that isn’t going anywhere soon. Based on the original book (and acting as a reimagining of the 1989 film) Pet Sematary follows Dr. Louis Creed and his family as they relocate from Boston to a rural part of Maine. Not long after their arrival they discover a bizarre burial ground located in the woods close to their house, a chain of chilling events are set into motion by Louis and his bizarre neighbour Jud Crandall – with devastating and deadly consequences.

Avengers: Endgame

Release date: 26 April 2019

This is the big one – it’s been over a decade in the making and serves as a culmination of all the interwoven storylines that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has painstakingly and carefully developed. If you haven’t seen Infinity War yet, make sure you do before seeing Endgame since it’s essentially Part 2 of the dire tale of Marvel’s mightiest heroes going up against Thanos. Suffice it to say, the current set of Avengers have a what seems like an almost impossible task to achieve, and it’s not simply about trying to overpower an opponent. According to the creators of the movie, none of the Avengers are safe, so we’re going to have to patiently wait until the 26th to see whether or not their grand plan is successful or not!

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