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5 Biggest Movies of May 2019

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Here’s what should be on your cinematic radar for May!

Well, we’ve had a serious amount of superhero goodness to satisfy our comic-book cravings in April, and May takes a short break from spandex-clad shenanigans to deliver a host of action-packed adventures.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Release date: 17 May 2019

Some fans have said that the first John Wick’s release back in 2014 was a bit of a shot in the arm for the action genre, and considering the success of the franchise has lead to a trilogy you’d have to say they’re right. Few cheesy clichés, tight and gritty choreography in the fight scenes and well-shot action sequences make for an engaging rollercoaster ride. This time there’s a global contract out on John Wick’s head and every elite assassin in the world is looking to cash in. While the first film had a smaller scale, more intimate plot, the transition into all-out assassin warfare in the second will be completed in the third and you can bet it’ll have more action than you can shake a stick at.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Release date: 17 May 2019

Considering Pokemon’s peak years are well and truly behind the franchise this seems like a slightly odd time to make the movie, but fans aren’t going to complain about seeing their favourite lightning-blasting mouse in live action at long last. Contrary to how it worked in the animated universe, in the movie’s plot a kid whose dad goes missing stumbles upon a talking Pikachu – who happens to be a detective. Said Pikachu then insists on helping the kid track down his dad, who disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and end up creating quite a few twists and turns for the unlikely duo to have to contend with. Oh – did I mention Ryan Reynolds, comedic legend, is the voice of Pikachu? That’s reason enough to pay for a ticket.


Release date: 31 May 2019

So the superhero genre is pretty well-established (that’s probably a massive understatement) and we’re all well aware of its tropes. One of the most common is that an alien child finds themselves somewhere on earth, and after some trials and tribulations discovers and masters their powers, which they then use to defend us mere mortals. Brightburn turns that notion onto its head a little bit and takes the opposite view: What if everything happens as usual but instead of becoming a hero the individual in question chooses a darker path? Well, Brightburn is going to give us an example of how that might pan out, prepare yourself for some superhero horror.


Release date: 24 May 2019

Disney has been taking their older animated franchises down the road of conversion into fully-fledged live-action spectacles. It’s not difficult to understand their approach; a lot of their classics are amazing stories that the previous generation absolutely adores, and they want to introduce them to a new generation using current film technology. With a movie as classic as Aladdin, and roles as iconic as the late Robin Williams’ portrayal of the Genie, though, we’ll have to see if the newer version can match the reputation and memory of the original. If there’s anyone that can do the Genie justice, then the Fresh Prince himself is definitely the right candidate!

Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters

Release date: 31 May 2019

The second installment of the Godzilla reboot is on our doorstep, and judging by the trailers it’s going to be quite the ride. 2014’s Godzilla was a fantastic creature thriller in many senses, but it was quite a traditional film in the sense that it used Godzilla very sparingly – which understandably rubbed some audience members up the wrong way. That’s evidently not the case this time around, where the movie’s main plot revolves around the survival of the planet being threatened by a variety of ‘titans’ – or incredible monsters that have been hidden for millennia. If the world is going to survive, though, then humanity has to place its survival in the hands (massive paws?) of Godzilla and trust that he’ll vanquish the other titans. Can the King of the Monsters save the world?

Which of May’s movies catches your interest the most? All the options are great – but we’re most keen to see the monsters throw down in Godzilla, let us know what you’re looking forward to! Let us know by tweeting @MenStuffZA, posting on our Facebook page, or commenting below.

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