6 Awesome iPhone Apps You Need to Download this Week

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Take your device to the next level with these handy new apps.

Feeling a little stressed out this year (already)? Maybe you’re getting engulfed in work from the get-go and need a solution? Well, we’ve scoured the App Store to find the very-best apps out there at the moment to give your smartphone the edge and make the start of 2017 a breeze. Here’s our picks of the week:


With every new year comes some new resolutions, but let’s be honest – it can be pretty hard keeping them. Thankfully, we have our smartphones to keep our revised habits in check and give us a boost to keep up with our new-found practices. Dashpop is a great checklist app to help you accomplish everything from work tasks to personal goals. This app also adds a little character to the typical boring to-do list with features like balloon popping, motivational statistics, and the ability to collaborate on task lists with others via iMessage. Pretty neat.

Download: iOS


Yeah, 2016 was quite the stressful year, so why not find your inner-peace with Aura? It may not be for everyone, but this mindfulness can help reduce your stress and improve your thinking. The app provides short and sweet, science-backed meditation exercises that you can do every morning to kick your day off right. Features include custom sessions that improve as you go, mood-tracking, daily reminders, calendar integration, and much more. Obviously this kind of app isn’t for everyone, but if you want to see what all of the fuss is about, give Aura a try.

Download: iOS

Aura app

Planning big trips can be stressful and time-consuming, but a new travel app can help minimise those ambitious multi-city travel plans and save you a few bucks in the process. creates a holiday plan for you based on your desired location and must-sees. You just tell the app your start and finish dates/cities, and the theme of your trip, and it does the rest. It will offer you several routes, and you pick the one you like the best, book the tickets, and you’re ready for adventure.

Download: iOS



If you want to take your photography and videos a little more seriously this year, and are a lover of classic film techniques, Filmborn is a great option for you. The app is designed to bridge the analogue history of film with its digital future, thanks to features such as gesture-based controls, true-to-film presets, curve control of shadows and highlights, tone profiles and custom camera kits. Users will also find education on film photography peppered throughout the app, and ongoing education in our Filmborn User Group on Facebook.

Download: iOS

Filmborn app


Whether you’re in a band and want to share song ideas, or just want to create an a capella with your mate, Songpong is a pretty great tool to do so. Just open the app, record a track, and send it to your friend anywhere in the world. Then they can record a track on top of it and send it back to you to add onto. The app is still in its initial version, so there aren’t too many bells and whistles yet, but it’s a great idea and a promising solution.

Download: iOS


Star Wars: Force Arena

Thanks to the recent revival, everyone is Star Wars crazy again, and of course, there’s a great mobile game to go with the fanfare. In Star Wars: Force Arena, you lead a powerful team of iconic Star Wars characters, including new favourites from Rogue One, into real-time, adrenaline-fueled battles against other players from around the globe. It’s a fun real-time strategy game that allows you to head into battle solo, or invite friends to fight in Guild mode. There are over 80 upgradeable characters, leaderboard stats, rewards, bonus items and much more. If you are a Star Wars fan and are looking for something to do this weekend, you just found it.

Download: iOS | Android

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