World’s Richest Man Thinks You Should Work Three Days A Week

Less work, more ‘you-time’ sounds like pretty good advice to us…

Hearing advice from multi-billionaires just adds a whole lot of credibility to whatever they’re saying, even if it’s insane, but one piece of advice that is definitely not insane is a potential three-day work week.

Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world (valued at over $82 billion – that’s right, more than Bill Gates) backs fewer work days per week, but longer hours.

“I am sure it will happen,” said Slim in an interview with CNN. “I believe, with the development of technology and increase of productivity, people should work less, maybe three days a week, but for eleven hours a day.”

“And then not retire at 60-65, but rather 70-75.”

Slim also emphasised that the less working days will give people the ability to enjoy the more important things in life, while also benefiting the progression of industries.

“You should have more time for your life, not just when you’re 65, but throughout your life. More time for entertainment, family, and to learn and to get a better job. It’ll make for a stronger market and economy.”

Can’t argue with ole Carlos on that one.

Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim – packed full of wisdom.



  1. james

    October 9, 2014 at 12:31

    Well, if he says so…

  2. james

    October 9, 2014 at 12:33

    It’s actually crazy, some of the Modernist Architects and Planners, of the 1960’s predicted this sort of living/working in the future (but at a much more extreme level).

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