Why Women Win More in Online Betting?

Why do women get the upper-hand when it comes to betting?

Socrates rightfully stated, “Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior”, and albeit this can be considered a debatable issue if the argument is layered, there is no doubt about the fact that when it comes to online betting, women are statistically far more superior and have exponentially higher win-ratio than their biological counterparts. Women have always been categorised and moulded by a rather banal set of ideas and placed under a stereotypical template since time immemorial, but when it comes to other attributes, women’s superiority is hardly ever showcased in the true light—be it in the fields of sports or academics, or even in the online world of gaming and gaming slots. Speaking of which, ever since the market got deluged with online betting platforms, it became easier to for women to get access to online casino and show their intellectual prowess in the games of absolute finesse and skills. If you find it intriguing and haven’t got your hands on the online betting yet, you might want to begin with the editor’s pick here Once you sign up, you’d notice how women could be very dominating in these games. But the lingering question is, why?

There is a multitude of reasons why women have had a far superior scorecard and have managed to bag the gold more often than not, and this statistical opacity is increased by certain statistics.

The Statistics

In a study conducted by Deakin University in Australia, concrete conclusions were drawn, wherein it was observed that women aged 25-34 won 127%, men averaged a loss of 8.74%. This might look like a statistical flaw but on further inspection, it was seen to be highly accurate, and although in some cases the discrepancy was not as drastic, the numbers always tended to indicate that women did indeed have higher chances of winning across all age groups.

Here are a few reasons why women tend to show higher chances of winning when it comes to online games.

Hold Your Heart!

Despite the contrary belief that women are more predisposed to emotional turmoil than men, when it comes to online betting, it is seen that women have higher control and emotional aloofness. Unironically, men have a toxic tendency to associate deeply with the bets they place, whereas women tend to be as unemotional as Annabelle Wallis. This not only makes them take more rational decisions when it comes to making certain calls, but also statistically helps them win more money when it comes to online betting.

Hold Your Horses!

Another major statistical flaw that was observed in men was how they tend to exceed their betting budgets from a far permissible level, thereby rendering them vulnerable to higher monetary loss. Women, on the other hand, have always shown higher tendencies to stick to their fixed budgets, and have been rather cautious about overspending. This seemed to be an efficient means of prevention of monetary leakage, even if hypothetically, they managed to lose all their daily quota of money.

Hold Your Harassment!

Online betting games are bereft of any chat boxes or means of communication, thereby making the gaming experience hassle-free and without any complications. It is seen that women tend to have a higher tendency to be prone to psychological damage if any sort of “sledging” or online harassment has been thrown at them, exposing them to higher chances of careless money-management and thereby, greater monetary loss, as in the case of real-world casinos. In cases of online betting, though, women do not have that emotional obstruction, and whatever bets or clauses they make are carved out of pure rationalisation.

Hold Your Hourglass!

Online games have been known for their time constraints and small time frames for quick decision-making and probability calculations. Much like other contact sports, online games and casinos too are adrenaline-rich in their own ways—making quick decisions whose nanosecond gaps could lead to major financial losses are both horrific and exciting in itself. It is seen that time constraints tend to fire certain neurons in women that lead to them taking more rapid yet rational choices as opposed to men taking rash decisions under similar conditions. Time limitations thereby make women more vigilant about their choices, which more often than not, lead to better results.

Hold Your Biological Differences!

Although this might sound controversial on certain grounds, it is observed that men tend to excel in a game of skills whereas women tend to perform much better when it comes to game of chances. Games like online poker, blackjack, or even slot games have witnessed women more proficient purely because their choices were fuelled by instinct rather than pragmatism. On that note, despite the fact that, this sounds more like a matter of probability than certainty, but statistics tend to lean towards the more feminine state when it comes to greater chances of victory.

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