Where Is SA Ranked In The Top Beer Drinking Countries In The World?

Are South Africans as prominent beer drinkers as we’d like to believe? Let’s find out…

Ask any South African, and they’ll claim that our country is a powerhouse in the beer-consuming category of the world; but according to actual statistics, where exactly do we sit?

Retale put together an interactive map showcasing the top 50 beer-drinking countries, and South Africa falls in at No. 31 on the list with 61.1 litres consumed per capita.  Looking at the top of the list, you may immediately think Austria and Germany dominate the bunch, but they actually fall into second and third spot respectively.

The top beer drinking country in the world is the Czech Republic, with with 148.6 litres consumed per capita.

Check out the interactive map for yourself.

South Africa on the Top beer drinking coutries in the world list

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