What’s The Latest Men’s Fashion Trends For Fall 2015?

Fashion-lover Danielle Kushlick gives us the low-down as to why when it comes to male fashion this season, orange is the new black.

Frank Sinatra once said that Orange is the colour of happiness. Somehow the colour conjures up sensory images of ripe fruitiness and earthy spices. Colour is a powerful tool used by fashion designers to gauge their buyer on an emotional level. Orange is a colour that varies in meaning for different cultures. For example in India it’s a sacred colour, in Europe a colour of strength and in Japan represents courage. In South Africa despite the association with the Free State Cheetahs rugby team, perhaps the colour brings to memory the image of our great sunsets, leading to a sense of hope and optimism.

In contrast to the connotation of summer, London based designers Katie Eary, Kit Neal and Liam Hodges have used this colour in their recent Fall Menswear collections, defying the usual dark neutrals that trudge down the runway every year. The use of bright orange was obnoxious but at the same time endearing, being used with a sense of humour. Both Kate Eary and Kit Neal are designers recognised for their playful style, this season using the toxic tangerine to bring brightness to the European dark winter.

So why are we looking at Fall trends in the UK while we are in the midst of a sweltering summer here in South Africa. Well boys, “winter is coming” and not that we are in any rush to fight off White Walkers from the North, we all need to start thinking about what winter trends will affect our wardrobes. So when Autumn hits us – start playing with colour! For South Africans winter isn’t a time of gloom and darkness (despite Eskom’s short-comings), leaving us no excuse to delve into a season of navy and black.

If orange isn’t your colour then the alternative is flamingo pink. This tone isn’t your typical girly pastel but rather an aggressive cerise that evokes a sense of confidence and rebellion. The colour is attention seeking, making any pair of blue jeans or work blazer come alive with a youthful spirit. The label Sibling definitely exudes such a spirit sending down deranged teddy-bears clinging to the models with the ensembles eclectic mix of shredded wools and shiny plastic. Nevertheless beware, not everyone can pull off the magenta dyed fur. Real men wear pink so don’t let your style be crippled for fear of being flamboyant. 

Out with the black and in with the colour!  

Photo Credits: Fucking Young Online Magazine – Adriano B and Michiel Steur



  1. james

    January 28, 2015 at 15:29

    Awesome article, a lot of guys need fashion advice in South Africa! Great work!

  2. JHB_Boet

    January 29, 2015 at 21:08

    I look terrible in Orange

  3. Wesley

    January 29, 2015 at 21:21

    Is anyone local doing something cool in Orange?

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