What Do Women Really Think of Beards?

Should you back the stubble or go silky smooth?

Just like fashion, trends in facial hair come and go, and while things like handlebar moustaches or chops might’ve gone down well in years gone by, what’s cool when it comes to facial hair today is vastly different then. Even more importantly than whether or not facial hair is on trend or not, is what the fairer sex thinks of the recent resurgence in beards? Well, luckily quite a bit of research has been done to determine just what kind of facial hair women find most attractive.

Clean Shaven/Light Stubble

Guys with formal office jobs won’t necessarily like the findings of this study, where women rated cleanly-shaven or light stubble-sporting faces at the bottom on a scale of attractiveness. Guys who don’t (or can’t) grow beards shouldn’t despair, though, because that study found something else that might be surprising…

Heavy Stubble

The study concluded from surveys of women that heavy stubble is what most women find the most attractive out of all the different kinds of facial hair choices men can make. It’s a difficult thing to get right, though, since there’s a slim difference between rugged stubble and looking like you’re growing through a mid-life crisis to the Arctic Circle. If this is the look you’d like to go for, maybe invest in a trimmer designed to keep your stubble at the perfect length. Guys who enjoy full bears shouldn’t despair, either, though…

Full Beards

Full beards were found to be the second most highly rated choice on the scale, and also came with a set of other added perceptions on the parts of the women who were surveyed. Guys with full beards are perceived to have their lives more together, to be more mature, and to make better fathers. So overall either heavy stubble or a full beard seem to be the go-to choices for what women find the most appealing. But, what about my Tony Stark-esque goatee, you ask…?

Other Types of Facial Hair

So since facial hair in general seems to attract women. that should mean any style is better than nothing at all, right? Unfortunately that’s not what this bit of research found that when quizzed about goatees, moustaches, sideburns, and other variations of facial hair, most women said they’d prefer a clean-shaven guy to any of those options. Better to stick to the heavy stubble or going all-out with a full beard, then.

Being able to grow a full beard isn’t a given – unfortunately, but luckily that same piece of research found that over half (58%) of women who were asked about their preferences also said they didn’t mind if a guy didn’t sport facial hair at all.

The consensus seems to be that heavy stubble or a beard is more appealing if women had to choose, but at the same time, over half didn’t seem to think it was that big a deal at all. So whatever your choice is, whether you’re rocking a five o’clock shadow or going full lumberjack, as long as it’s neat and well-groomed, you’ll be fine!

If you’re looking for a handy guide to growing the perfect beard, check out these 7 must-do beard-growing tips.

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