Torga’s iStylist AR App Lets You Virtually Try on Glasses Before Visiting a Store [Review]

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We take a closer look at Torga Optical’s innovative iStylist AR app.

For anyone who currently wears glasses or is in the market for a pair (whether they be sunglasses or a pair of prescription readers), they’ll tell you that finding the right pair isn’t as easy as you’d like to think.

With all the various designs, frames, silhouettes, and lenses available, finding the suitable pair for your face-shape, needs, and preference can be a bit of a tricky process, but SA’s very-own Torga Optical has not only found a solution, but made it an innovative world-class app experience.

Torga iStylist Virtual Try On utilises your smartphones camera to create a 3D map of your face (yeah, they’re that sophisticated), which then projects any pair of glasses from a vast variety of Torga’s range onto your face, and in scale and proportion too, as you would see them on your face in real life – something many other AR ‘try-on’ apps fail to do.

We tried the app, and from the get-go, it’s an admittedly simple yet seamless experience in the best of ways. After a brief tutorial, your smartphone’s front-facing camera will scan your face and immediately begin projecting the selected pair onto your money-maker. It’s impressive to note that the scanning process takes less than 2 seconds between each switch of glasses and very rarely does it require any readjusting of your phone’s position to scan.

From there, it’s as easy to scan through a number of products through a floating HUD, giving you options to simply swipe left or right to view other products on your face – think of it as Tinder, but for your eye-balls.

Once you’ve found a pair that you like, you can simply swipe up, revealing the name and model number of the glasses, and even purchase them straight through the Torga online store.

And, if you want to get a bit of background and understanding to your facial shape, the app has a measurements mode which gives you a breakdown of your head’s height and width, so that you can get a better idea of your facial structure, and in turn, narrow your search for fitting frames.

The Torga iStylist Virtual Try On is a great option for frequent glasses weaers or those looking to find out the type of eyewear you should be looking for. It’s simplicity is its key – and the AR functionality delivers an accurate and relatable product to user projection, which is doing that much more to bridge the gap between brands and consumers.

To check out the app yourself, simply go download the Torga iStylist Virtual Try On app appropriate for your phone’s operating system (available on Android and iOS), and voila – you’ve got their range at your fingertips

Download: Android | iOS

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