Top 6 Tricks to Boost Your Confidence

Can these simple tips lift your spirits? Science says so!

In the fast-paced lifestyle routine of today, it’s easy to get caught up with things, neglect oneself, and end up on the receiving-end of a confidence drop. But while it can be daunting, embracing a self-confidence boost can do the world of good, and even the smallest of changes can have a huge change in your mindset. Check out these simple yet effective confidence tips:


This seems like such an obvious one, but it’s amazing how much of a difference a shower and a shave can make in your feelings of self-confidence and for your self-image. Dress to kill. You’ll feel successful and presentable and ready to tackle the world.

Get Started!

It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just be bold and go for it! When you take that first step towards your gaol you achieve success that will build even more confidence which encourages you to continue striving towards what you ultimately want.

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Spritz on a Fragrance.

Your favourite fragrance does more than make you smell oh-so-nice. As it turns out, it can make you confident, too. One study suggests that not only can a fragrance inspire confidence in men, but the more a man likes the fragrance, the more confident he might feel.

Think Positive

Studies show most of your self talk (77%) is negative. ‘Cheerleading’ yourself at times when you need to build your confidence can be really helpful. Pick a few phrases that will make you feel good inside. At Facebook’s headquarters, there are posters that read, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Stand up straight

It is true that changing your posture, smiling or even making eye contact can instantly make you feel and look more confident. Keep your back straight and your chin raised slightly. Not only will this make you look more confident, but you’ll feel more in control, too.

So, will you be adding any of the above tips to your daily routine?

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