These Local Skincare Kits are Designed Specifically for Men

A new SA brand aims to save local men from the confusion around skincare.

Men often given the treatment, education, or products they need in the skincare world, but a local company has taken the initiative to provide South African males with a new range of creams and lotions to suit all types of skin.

Based in Cape Town, Ology Skin Care focuses on providing local men with kits to tackle their needs, rather than leaving them cluelessly staring at a store shelf wondering what to buy.

The brand features 3 different kits: for dry, normal, and oily skin, which all feature curated creams to cater for each skin-type. Each kit comes with a Daily Cleanser (100ml), Weekly Scrub (50ml), Day Cream (30ml), and Night Cream (30ml), but all are customised to suit the different needs for the various skin conditions.

Each kit is priced at R379 and available on Ology Skin Care’s website.

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