The Top Adventure Sports You Need to Have In Your Bucket List

Bali Swing

Which ambitious activities should you try to kickstart your adventurous spirit?

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Wondering what you could do next that could make for a memorable moment? Well, look no further as we have brought to you the top five adventures that will get your blood pumping like never before.

There is a plethora of extreme adrenaline pumping adventures all around the globe. To choose just five of them is, needless to say, an extremely difficult task. However, our choices are based on the experiences shared by most of the travel bloggers around the world and the ones that were mentioned more often than others made our list.

So tighten your seat belts and allow us to take you through a wonderful journey. It’s the top adventures to get your blood pumping! And unlike other articles which just talk about some adventure sports in general, we would walk you through some of the best places to get all the action as well!

Dog sledding in the Arctic Ocean: Inuvik, Northwest Canada

Ever tries dog sledding? Well some of us who actually have, it is the purest form of joy. Being pulled by speeding dogs on the Arctic tundra while you try to position yourself delicately on the sled so as not to get thrown off had to be on our list. If the harrowing yet beautiful ride on the white frozen tundra doesn’t do it for you, the green shades of the Northern lights will surely do. Sheer Magic!

Take on the perilous climb of Mt. Haushan: Shaanxi Province, China

Rightly credited to being “the world’s most dangerous hike”, was always going to get a glowing mention from us. Not everyone will jump at the chance of climbing over a series of narrow wooden planks balanced over a mountain-side.

Bungee jumping in New Zealand: Queenstown, New Zealand

We would be naive not to include the world’s highest bungee jumping and swing platform in the world. Located near Queensland, this isn’t for the faint-hearted. The 134-meter high bungee with the beautiful Nevis River below is sure to give you goose bumps.

Tiger Beach: Bahamas

Certain divers and adrenaline seeking aficionados crave underwater thrill. Resident sharks can be found to welcome you at this white sandy beach. You will be greeted by all kinds of sea monsters like tiger sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, and lemon sharks.

Swing over the Abyss: Ubud, Bali (Indonesia)

If you are on Instagram, look for the Bali Swing. Simple, yet nerve jangling. Two tall trees, lush green escapades of Bali in the backdrop, one rope, and a wooden plank. That’s all it needed to make the cut!

I know many of our readers would be dismayed at not finding their favourite spot making this list. Relax, guys! There is an endless list of adrenaline pumping adventures and activities around the world. It is not possible to list them all in one place. Though the ones mentioned above are as good as any.

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