Stylish Off-the-Grid Homes are Now a Reality in SA

Off the Grid HouseZero

Cut the dependence-cord with these epic homes!

Getting off the grid won’t just be for zany doomsday-preppers anymore. In fact, as time goes by, it will just become more and more relevant because of the sustainability advantages attached to using resources more efficiently.

It’s predicted that by 2031, unless serious changes are made, it will be impossible to prevent the 2-degree increase in global temperature that climatologists have been so concerned by. Initiatives like House Zero’s extremely attractive but highly sustainable homes will have to become commonplace to avoid that – and if how these look is anything to go by, everyone will want to get on board with them.

Their construction methods are innovative and quite progressive, with a ‘Smart Structure’ approach that incorporates all wiring and reticulation into the smart paneling that offers superior sound and thermal insulation compared to conventional building.

But the really impressive stuff is regarding how they supply electricity and manage water. The roof of the house serves the additional purpose of including solar installations, meaning that it’s self-sufficient and generates its own power without being connected to a traditional electricity grid.

In terms of water usage, all waste water is recycled using cutting-edge recycling and purification systems, alleviating the need to connect to municipal water supplies, unless of course you’re building in low-rainfall areas.

To get a closer look at the amazing homes House Zero is building, head to their website!

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