Style Tip Of The Week: How To Dress For Your Build

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Men are increasingly under pressure to look good these days. Personal stylist, Tracy Gold gives her top tips to dressing yourself confident.

Recently one of my older clients told me he had a rather ‘hot young lady’ pull up in her red car next to him.  She leaned out, looked him up and down said ‘nice’!  With a big smile, she drove off.

Needless to say, he was stoked. What made the difference? He now knows how to dress well, which makes him look and feel confident.  There is something very compelling about that.

Dressing for your build is the key to looking sharp.  And you don’t have to have the perfect build to look good.  If you have short arms, a boep, narrow shoulders or skinny legs, illusion dressing will go a long way to creating a sense of balance.

I’m writing a series on how to dress for your build.  I’ll cover the different basic shapes and how to use clothing to look good.

Body types

Common male body types

The ‘ideal’ build is the upside down triangle.  He has broad shoulders, a fairly flat stomach, his hips and legs are relatively narrower than his shoulders.  Not that guy?  That’s OK, I will tell you how fix that.

If you are that guy, there are still some guidelines to dressing your build.

  • Experiment with styles colours and prints
  • Keep to slim fits rather than baggy shapeless silhouettes
  • Make sure that your jackets, shirts and tops are narrowed in waist and hem to emphasise your physique
  • Wear tailored trousers in slim or skinny fits

Male body types

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