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Style Tip Of The Week: How To Dress Broad Shoulders And Skinny Legs

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Men are increasingly under pressure to look good these days. Personal stylist, Tracy Gold gives her top tips to dressing yourself confident.

Any guy can look sharp, no matter what his build.  The key is to learn which cuts and styles make the most of what you naturally have.  Personal stylist, Tracy Gold, gives her top tips to dressing for your build.

Broad shoulders

Dressing for a ‘broad shoulders’ body type is all about creating balance.

Having broad shoulders is a great ‘problem’ to have, especially if it is result of weight lifting.  However, broad shoulders may make finding clothing that fits well a bit of a challenge, especially if you have a much narrower waist and hips.

The right clothing can create a sense of balance for your build.  Your aim is make sure you don’t make your shoulders appear broader than they are and you want to add a little extra to those skinny legs to create balance.

  • Avoid adding extra bulk to your shoulders by wearing jackets with thick shoulder padding or anything with horizontal stripes or detail across the shoulders.
  • Make sure your jackets, shirts and tee shirts fit well in your shoulders and slim toward your narrow hips.  Baggy jackets shirts and tees will make your whole build look as wide as your shoulders.
  • V-necks are useful to draw the eye downward and cut the expanse of your shoulders.
  • Slim fit jackets, shirts and tees work better than very tight fits.
  • Wear slim leg rather than skinny trousers to create a sense of balance.
  • Slim leg trousers in bright colours or prints will work well.

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