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SAB Launches Lower-Alcohol Hansa Golden Crisp

Hansa Golden Crisp

Hansa Golden Crisp brings easy drinking goodness to South Africa.

Hansa has brought a pretty different beer to market recently that comes with quite a few distinct benefits; so next time you’re heading out to a bottle store, consider trying out some of the new Golden Crisp – their ‘easy drinking’ option of choice.

What’s an easy-drinking beer? The primary characteristics of easy drinking beers are that they’re meant to appeal to variety of drinkers in terms of gender, age, and beer-drinking tastes. The Golden Crisp has a slightly lower alcohol volume (easy drinking beers tend to be in the 3.5%-4% range) which means it’s more accessible to drink, and it also has a more muted bitterness, too.

This kind of makes it the perfect summer braai beer in a lot of ways. Firstly, being outside or in severe heat means alcohol can catch up with you a little faster, so a lower volume has the benefit of keeping you going for a longer.

The second (and most important in our eyes, since convenience is king) reason it might become our go-to bring-and-braai beer is that women are adopting easy drinking beers at a rapid rate, so it’s an ideal beer to get for couples to share. The easy drinking beer trend is busy hitting fever pitch among the fairer-sex across South America, and the trend might just take off here on our sunny shores too.

If you and the missus both need drinks for the next upcoming braai, solve the issue quickly by just getting some Golden Crisps you can both enjoy instead of traipsing through busy bottle stores in search of multiple drinks!

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