SA Men Can Get Their Groom On With The Gentleman’s Beard Club


New online store provides some man-tastic goods to put a smile under that facial fluff.

The modern man needs access to some pretty to-notch stuff when grooming that manly beard – after all, you want it to be super-soft, maybe even puppy-soft, when caressing it.

Well, The Gentleman’s Beard Club is a South African online store which specialises in male-face-hair-care (it’s a thing) and it offers some awesome products to help keep your crumb-catcher in check.

The  beard products are made from high quality premium all natural ingredients sourced from countries such as Mexico, Morocco, Sri Lanka, South Africa and many more countries across the globe.

“Our beard care range is handcrafted, natural and has been perfected down to every meticulous detail, from the formulae involved in crafting the beard oil, to the engineering behind our beard combs, to the type of caps we have selected,” explains the online retailer.

Some of the original items include the beard and shave soap (R119), the Fresh Wood beard balm (R129), beard oil (R129) and a beard wash (R149) – everything you need to keep that fuzz operating smoothly.

Check out more on The Gentleman’s Beard Club online store.

Gentlemans Beard Club products


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