Quench a Desert Thirst with New Kalahari Craft Beer

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Kalahari Craft Beer promises to quench even the heaviest of thirsts in the hot desert.

The Kalahari Desert is synonymous with words like ‘hot’ and ‘dry’, spend a day there and you’re sure to think you’ve suddenly developed an unquenchable thirst. But although the desert terrain can be harsh and unforgiving on the body, there’s a new addition to the Kalahari that is kind to the taste buds and sure to offer some relief from the unrelenting heat. Introducing Kalahari Craft Beer, a new a craft beer that can quench even the heaviest of thirsts in the hot desert.

Launched in Upington in the Northern Cape, Kalahari Craft Beer, is one of the very first craft beers from the Kalahari. The word ‘Kalahari’ is derived from the Tswana word Kgala, which means ‘the great thirst’, so it seemed only apt to name this delicious new thirst-quenching beer after its place of origin.

Founder and owner of Kalahari Craft Beer, Renier Baard says; “We saw the opportunity to create a fine beer, exclusive to the Kalahari region, which draws inspiration from the life that has over thousands of years adapted to the harsh climate. We aim to bring something new and fresh to the people in the area, as well as tourists making their way to the Kalahari through Upington.”

The Kalahari Craft Beer offering currently includes two beers, each paying tribute to animals within the area: Gemsbok Lager and Puff Adder Weiss. The Puff Adder thrives in the extremely hot climate whilst the Gemsbok, the animal that has stood the test of time, adapts to the harsh climate with its extraordinary cooling system.

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Kalahari Craft Beer is available at the recommended retail price of R 23.50 for the Gemsbok Lager and Puff Adder Weiss. For more information, to find a stockist near you, or to place your order, please visit the Kalaharicraft website or contact Renier Baard on 072 827 0009.

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