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Nespresso Launches Iced Coffee Range

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These Nespresso On Ice pods have been specially designed to be served over ice.

Dreaming of an iced coffee on a hot summer’s day? Well, Nespresso makes dreams come true! The company has just launched two types of limited edition coffee pods that have been created specifically to enjoy cold. With summer now in full swing, this is the perfect time to try the Nespresso On Ice range.

The new range includes Intenso on Ice and Leggero on Ice and enables coffee lovers to enjoy a deliciously cold iced coffee at home or at work in a matter of seconds. The pods are crafted to deliver an intense coffee taste without being diluted by the ice over which they should be served.

Keeping with the convenience of the pod system, enjoying the perfect cup of iced coffee couldn’t be any easier! Simply start with a few ice cubes in your glass, add your Nespresso iced coffee espresso into the glass, and top with ice cold water!

Nespresso Intenso on Ice and Leggero on Ice pods are available at Nespresso stores in South Africa, as well as through the online store.

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